Who can become a German citizen?

Who can become a German citizen? According tonationality law, anyone who hasacquired German citizenship remainsa German citizen unless heor she loses that citizenship.Every German citizen is entitledto the same rights andsubject to the same obligations,regardless of the legal meansby which they acquiredcitizenship. These rights andobligations include the right topolitical participation (the rightto vote), the obligation ofmilitary service, and the rightto diplomatic protection abroad. Refugees,expellees, ethnic German repatriatesand their family members whowere admitted to Germany inaccordance with Article 116para. 1 of the BasicLaw and granted the statusof Germans without Germancitizenship were granted Germancitizenship by law on 1August 1999. The specialnaturalization procedure for thesegroups no longer applies. Sincethat date, persons admitted toGermany as ethnic Germanrepatriates are granted Germancitizenship by law when issueda certificate in accordance withthe Federal Expellees Act.

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