Becoming a German citizen by birth

Section 4,para. 1 of the Nationality Act

A child acquires German citizenship at birth if one of his or her parents is a German citizen. If only the father is a German citizen and is not married to the child’s mother, legal proofor recognition of paternity isrequired prior to the child’s23rd birthday.

What does "principle of birthplace"(jus soli) mean?

Section 4,para. 3 of the NationalityAct

In additionto the principle of descent,since 1 January 2000 Germannationality law also recognizesthe principle of birthplace (inLatin: jus soli) for theacquisition of citizenship. Accordingto this principle, children bornin Germany to non-German parentsmay, under certain conditions,acquire German citizenship. Theseconditions are as follows: Oneparent has to have livedlegally in Germany for atleast eight years prior tothe child’s birth and beeneither an EU citizen entitledto freedom of movement, anequally entitled citizen of anEEC member state, a Swisscitizen entitled to freedom ofmovement, or the holder ofan EU residence permit ora settlement permit inaccordance with the ResidenceAct.

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  • Tofik says:

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